Jimmy Schulz Golf

Jimmy Schulz Golf
June 17, 2014 at Hasting Country Club.

North Central Cable Show

Dates for the 2014 North Central Cable Show are February 24-25.

The Minnesota Cable Communications Association (MCCA) is a trade association of franchised cable television companies in Minnesota. All major companies are represented in its membership. Its 13-person board of directors governs the MCCA. Local communities regulate cable television and the state has a chapter of law governing the franchise process. At the federal level cable is regulated by the FCC. Despite the emergence of competition from both satellite and wire-based competitors, government closely regulates cable operations.

Cable television companies in Minnesota are now serving over 60% of the homes passed by cable. This amounts to over 900,000 homes in almost every city in the state with a population of 300 or more residents. There are 20,000 miles of cable serving Minnesota communities. Cable companies and their affiliates employ about 3000 people in Minnesota. Cable technology has also grown tremendously. The average subscriber has more than sixty channels of service from which to choose.


North Central Show

annual meeting

The 2014 MCCA Annual Meeting will be helf July 21-23 at Breezy Point Resort.